About Your 2


1 Real Estate Agents

Whether Buying or Selling, you gain access to 2 experienced and professional real estate  agents to meet & exceed your residential real estate needs. Quality, convenience, top notch communication, easy access to your Realtor team at all times, topped off with a smooth Buying/Selling transaction is the key focus here for you.

Throughout the year, every year, we hear often the horror stories from a new client who had a previous bad experience. Lack of communication seems to be the #1 complaint from both Buyers & Sellers. Due to that, we aim to be the trailblazers in our industry to set a higher standard for our clients by being quick to answer or reply to your call/text/email. We pride ourselves on our already high levels of communications. Having 2 agents on your side significantly reduces the possibilities of being left in the dark waiting forever to hear back from someone.

At the same time, please know that we work at your pace. We will never pressure or rush you through any of this process:
For Our Buyers: If it takes us months and various home tours before we find that right home for you, then guess what?! It takes months and various home tours before we find the right one. We understand this is a large investment for our Buyers and we treat it with the patience and respect it deserves.

For Our Sellers: It is our goal to constantly be in contact during the listing period. Whether it be for providing feedback, market activity updates or any suggestions to help induce the sale, you will consistently be in the know until the property sells.
AS you can see, we are BIG on communication and getting things done. Needless to say, by having 2 experienced, full-time agents on your team constantly working for you, you will never have to worry about someone going M.I.A. on you, the ball being dropped or a detail being missed during your transaction.

Our Bottom Line: Produce results, create happy clients and earn the spot in your book of contacts for being your preferred #1 “Go-To” Realtors for life. That is our ultimate goal and we know we won’t earn that position unless you are 5 star happy! We want you to feel you are getting twice the value, twice the service and twice the attention at all times!
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